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Quality Control

production workshop

1)  Non-woven

we use the non-woven through rigorous testing, all new material, comply with international standards against allergy, no stimulation, without any ha rm to the user.

2) melt-blown non-woven

our masks’ middle filter layer is made of high-efficiency air filter material - melt-blown non-woven fabric. It uses high-density microfiber adsorbing harmful substances in the air, filtration effect can be achieved BFE99 and PFE99, double the highest standards. Meeting test standards by the United States Nelson (test report available).

3nose strip

the conventional nose strip is plastic-coated iron nose strip, regular size 11 ~ 12cm, width: 4 ~ 4.5mm. Nose strips with good plasticity make face masks to achieve a close facial fit, to ensure that the internal space tightness, avoid the injury to human body by polluted air outside. These features make disposable masks to wear more secure, convenient and comfortable.

Plastic-coated iron wire nose bar have good plasticity of iron and plastic’s soft harmless characteristics, guarantee the effect.
Special nose strip: plastic and aluminum, more expensive than plastic-coated iron, but better security, plasticity, environmental protection, absolute value for money.

4Ear band

Our ear pads using spandex elastic band, comfortable to wear, elastic fit, no pressure feeling.

Ear band length can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements, regular size is 15 ~ 17.5cm, max to 20cm, fitting a variety of face shape.
We use high-quality raw materials, strict inspection process to ensure that no harmful additives to ensure product quality, to protect the health of users.
With automated production equipment welding firm, can not afford to thorn welding, comfortable to wear.


Our mask size 17.5 * 9.5cm, full compliance with international standards. The mask can be unfolded to 17.5cm, fully guarantee when they speak completely covered from nose to chin, without exposure, fully defend our health.


We use high-quality non-woven material with good permeability, at the same time protecting our health, making breathing easier.

7fully automated production equipment

To reduce the possibility of contaminating products and enhance product quality, we introduced the most advanced fully automated production equipment, to ensure product clean and sanitary, but also greatly enhance the production speed, and thus more effective guarantee of delivery.


our factory can produce a variety of colors and patterns, fine workmanship, nice, strict quality control, the defect rate is very low.

9Production Experience

Our factory has more than thirteen years of history, with rich experience in production, customizing production according to customer requirements, with high customer satisfaction, and customer complaints never had been recorded.

10 Packing

Conventional packaging is international standard neutral packaging, comply with shipping requirements, but also can be customized according to customer requirements.