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Active carbon face mask

  • 时间:2022-01-19
Active carbon face mask

Size: Adult 175*95cm Adult 175*95cm
Materials: 1st layer 18gsm PP non woven 
  2nd layer 28gsm active carbon fabric
  3rd layer 20gsm filter non woven BFE>95%&99%
  4th layer 25gsm PP non (fabric thickness can be customized)
Structure: SBPP+ active carbon+MB+SBPP SBPP+ active carbon +MB+SBPP
Color Blue, Green, White, Pink as request
Style: tie-on , flat elastic band ear-loop, round elastic band ear-loop
Nose clip: single nose wire, double nose wire, plastic nose clip, aluminum nose clip
Application: Hospital clinical medical personnel and patients.
Dust-free workshop, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures and so on

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